Size of My Problem (dry-erase poster)

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  • Ages: 6+
  • Format: Poster
  • ISBN: 9781936943241
  • Published: 2015


We all experience problems; they’re a part of life. We can’t avoid them even if we use our best social thinking. There is an assumption that when we’re sharing space with others, our reaction size (what we show on the outside) should somewhat match the size of our problem. But sometimes we all have feelings about a problem that are much bigger than the problem itself!

The Social Thinking Methodology teaches that problems happen, people have feelings and reactions and that is all okay unless…another problem is created. People are expected to have problems, feelings and reactions but how do we teach our students to allow this process without making bigger problems for themselves in the long run. The Social Thinking Methodology teaches that that problems and reactions come in different sizes. Big problems are really serious ones and are those that need others to help solve. It is expected to have a big reaction to a big problem. Medium problems can’t be quickly fixed and tend to make us and/or people around us upset. Sometimes we need help with medium size problems and sometimes we don’t. Adults usually expect that kids will either solve the medium sized problem or ask for help. Small problems, or glitches, are ones we most of us can quickly fix on our own. Small problems are “no big deal.” Whether the problem is big, medium, or small, we all have feelings associated with our problems. The problem is when our reactions are larger than the size of the problem and create a whole new problem.

The Size of My Problem poster can be used to teach students to develop their awareness of this concept; it can also be used on the spot to help individuals figure out the size of a problem, their reaction size, and then visually see the relationship between them. The bottom of the poster provides some brief instructions to encourage adults to explore with children whether or not their reaction created a new problem.

The poster is perfect for home or classroom/clinic and its dry-erase surface means it can be used again and again. Great teaching companion to several of our Social Thinking products that teach about problem and reaction size.

Dimensions: 18" width x 24" height.

How to Use Size of my Problem Poster

Beckham Linton describes how to leverage problem solving strategies with the Size of my Problem poster. 

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