Social Emotional Learning Curriculum All-in-One Bundle | Social Detective & Superflex Series

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  • Ages: 5-10+
  • Pages: 680
  • Format: Bundle with Games
  • ISBN: 6012
  • Published: 2019


Bring social emotional learning for children ages 5-10+ into your classroom—and save 10% with this Detective & Superflex All-in-One Bundle!


Looking for an engaging, proactive way to teach social awareness, perspective taking, and self-regulation? Kids around the world are having so much fun learning how to transform themselves into a Social Detective as well as their own “Superflex” superhero that looks just like them. Within the Superflex books, lessons are structured to encourage students to pretend to manage imaginary characters called the UnthinkaBots and, in later lessons, engage their Thinkable powers. (New to Superflex? See what it’s all about in this short article.)

This All-In-One Bundle contains the entire collection of Detective & Superflex series products, including our award-winning You Are a Social Detective! 2nd Edition storybook, brand new You Are a Social Detective! Teaching Curriculum & Support Guide (designed as companion guide to teach the concepts explored in the award-winning storybook), Superflex Curriculum Package, Superflex Super Sticker Collection, Superflex: My Hero Inside music CD and more! This collection of Superflex products is great for schools and clinics where staff can share them for years to come.

Please Note: Superflex posters are not included in this bundle and are sold separately. We are officially changing Superflex Unthinkables to UnthinkaBots over the course of 2021-22. Some products within the bundle have already been updated, such as the Superflex Super Sticker Collection. Click here to learn more about the UnthinkaBots change. If you’re working with kids between the ages of 4-7, consider also teaching the We Thinkers! Series to give further instruction on foundational social concepts. Then, move on to the Detective & Superflex series.

IMPORTANT: These products are designed to be taught in a specific order to teach social observation from the child's perspective first (Social Detective: Book 1 in the Superflex series) before teaching that we all notice each other’s actions and reactions. Avoid teaching kids to simply “control their behavior,” as this is not the purpose of these materials. For kids to learn to self-regulate, they must first develop social awareness of the spoken and unspoken expectations for a particular context. After that, they can begin to learn perspective taking to adapt what they do and say to meet their own social goals. Begin with the award-winning storybook, You Are a Social Detective! 2nd Edition (YASD) and the all-new, accompanying YASD Teacher Curriculum & Support Guide, move on to the Superflex Curriculum, then add other Superflex products to support the learning and help students dive deeper into specific concepts. See the products included in this bundle and the order in which to teach them below.

Bundle Products: Use in This Sequence

Start Here:

1. You are a Social Detective! 2nd Edition (multiple award-winner!)

This first book in the Detective & Superflex series introduces the foundational concepts of social observation from the child’s perspective. The all-new edition of You Are a Social Detective! 2nd Edition encourages kids to become “social detectives” to observe the social world and learn unique Social Thinking Vocabulary to help them figure out what the social expectations are in different contexts. This revised and expanded book also helps kids work on perspective taking, as they learn that everyone has thoughts and feelings about what others do and say and that we all impact one another. Only when students develop a working knowledge of the expectations they have for others and understand that others have expectations for them too are they ready to learn about self-regulation. You Are a Social Detective! 2nd Edition is an award-winning storybook that should be taught over an extended period and revisited often to encourage social learning in all contexts. For interventionists, a few lesson ideas are included to guide further teaching of these concepts. Buy the book as part of the bundle, or separately for full price. Digital version must be purchased separatelyonly on Apple Books and Google Play (not printable).

2. You are a Social Detective! Teaching Curriculum & Support Guide

Bring social emotional learning into your classroom! Thousands of schools, clinics, and homes around the world have found the multiple award-winning storybook, You Are a Social Detective! 2nd Edition, to be a practical, engaging addition to their libraries. The storybook alone is educational, but the social and emotional concepts within it are ripe for deeper teaching in whole-class and small-group settings. Piloted and tested over years in large school districts, the brand new You Are a Social Detective! Teaching Curriculum & Support Guide is just the tool you need to bring this important social emotional learning (SEL) into the classroom. Buy the book as part of the bundle, or separately for full price. Digital version must be purchased separatelyonly on Apple Books and Google Play (not printable).

3. Superflex… A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum Package (two-book set)

Superflex: A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum PackageOnce you’ve finished teaching about social observation through the perspective of the student using You Are a Social Detective! 2nd Edition storybook, you can introduce the Superflex Curriculum Package. For the past 10+ years, kids around the world are having so much fun learning about how a boy named Aiden transformed himself into a superflexible superhero. Your students will learn how to transform themselves into their own unique “Superflex” that looks just like them. Lessons are structured to encourage students to pretend to manage imaginary characters called the UnthinkaBots and, in later lessons, engage their Thinkable powers.

In this two-book set, get to know how one boy (Aiden) learned about his inner Superflex powers. You’ll also get to know the 14 UnthinkaBots (previously called Unthinkables). The concept of a social superhero and imaginary characters (Unthinkables/UnthinkaBots/Thinkables) were inspired by ideas from, and developed alongside, Neurodivergent students. The entire Detective & Superflex series is designed to empower all students (both neurotypicals and Neurodivergents) to boost their own inner “Superflex powers.” A good choice for both schools and clinics.

The Rock Brain storybook introduces kids to the pretend realm of Social Town, Superflex, and the UnthinkaBots (also called Unthinkables). The curriculum includes lessons, handouts, and visual tools to transform your classroom, clinic, or home into a Superflex Academy. Teach students to access their superflexible powers in classrooms, small groups, and in clinics. Get the curriculum package as part of the bundle, or separately for full price.

Games, Visual Supports & Storybooks to Support the Superflex Curriculum (teach in any order):

Superflex Bingo

New language & character updates! A FUN and FLEXIBLE game developed for children (ages 7–10+) who have been actively working with You Are a Social Detective! and the Superflex® Curriculum and are familiar with core Social Thinking Vocabulary. Unlike the “matching” format of traditional bingo games, Superflex® Bingo engages players in “thinking through the Bingo Board” to expand their social emotional learning. Players listen to and think through hundreds of different social situations to identify when their own Superflex powers are engaged, which of the 14 UnthinkaBots® are causing havoc, or which Social Thinking Vocabulary concept is being discussed. Includes 12 different themed card packs. Perfect for use in the classroom, clinic, or home. Get the game as part of the bundle, or separately for full price.

Thinkables & UnthinkaBots Double Deck, 3rd Edition

New Edition! Super Updates, Changes & Additions. Imagine the fun possibilities with this visual teaching tool designed for ultimate flexibility and creativity in teaching and bolstering learning of the Superflex® curriculum and Social Thinking® concepts. These plastic-coated decks include 52 cards each with multiples of the updated UnthinkaBots (formerly Unthinkables), Thinkables, Social Detective, and Superflex characters with their images, names, and powers. Use a Thinkable card to say “good job,” use an UnthinkaBot card as a visual reminder to use Superflex strategies when an UnthinkaBot is lurking nearby, or invent a learning activity of your own to support curriculum lessons. The sky’s the limit! Get the the double deck as part of the bundle, or separately for full price.

Social Town Citizens Discover 82 New Unthinkables for Superflex to Outsmart!

Meet 82 new Unthinkables (eventually will be called UnthinkaBots), all created by Neurodivergent students around the globe! Students (both neurotypicals and Neurodivergents) routinely send their enthusiastic stories and drawings of their own unique Unthinkables/UnthinkaBots they’ve developed. Kids delight in knowing that their drawings of imaginary characters and strategies to manage can help other kids learn to do the same. This book also introduces the proactive and visual support called the Five-Step Power Plan, used to identify which Unthinkable/UnthinkaBot is near, select a strategy, and then use positive self-talk. This book also introduces kid’s creations of the Thinkables (also created by Neurodivergent students), imaginary characters who represent proactive thinking strategies. Buy the book as part of the bundle, or separately for full price.

Superflex Takes on Glassman and the Team of UnthinkaBots

New edition with UnthinkaBot characters and important updates! The UnthinkaBot Glassman (aka Glassy) can be found in the brains of many Social Town citizens, both kids and adults alike. Glassman confuses people’s understanding that problems come in different sizes. And Glassman’s powers can get citizens to have big reactions when problems are small. In this new edition of this popular illustrated storybook, readers follow Superflex Aiden as he takes on Glassman. Readers get a taste of lessons at the Superflex Academy and learn self-regulation strategies that help them match the size of their emotional reaction to the size of the problem. Buy this book set as part of the bundle, or separately for full price. Digital version must be purchased separately—only on Apple Books and Google Play (not printable).

Superflex and Kool Q Cumber to the RescueSuperflex and Kool Q. Cumber to the Rescue!

Problems come in all sizes and the Thinkable® Kool Q. Cumber is a helpful ally in teaching physical and mental strategies for not only recognizing different sizes of problems, but also strategies for keeping one’s “kool.” Kool Q. Cumber shows social learners how to think flexibly about problems and use The Five-Step Power Plan to manage the UnthinkaBot Glassman. This companion book to Superflex takes on Glassman and the Team of Unthinkables (officially changing Unthinkables to UnthinkaBots over the course of 2021-23) helps children compare and contrast the inner workings of their brains in tackling everyday social challenges related to problems and how to figure out the size of their reaction. Buy this book set as part of the bundle, or separately for full price. Digital version must be purchased separately—only on Apple Books and Google Play (not printable).

Superflex Takes On Brain Eater and the Team of Unthinkables

The Unthinkable or UnthinkaBot, Brain Eater uses attention-grabbing powers to distract Social Town citizens’ brains from focusing. Brain Eater can pull our attention away from what we are supposed to be doing, what others are talking about, or using our brains to focus on things at school or home. This award-winning storybook teaches social awareness strategies and provides tools that can help students learn organizational and planning skills to keep their minds tuned in. Teaching occurs through the lens of Superflex Aiden as he shares what he’s learning at the Superflex Academy with readers. Get the book as part of the bundle, or separately for full price.

Superflex and Focus Tron to the Rescue!

Meet the Thinkable® Focus Tron, who helps kids use their focusing powers to keep their brains connected to what they’re doing or what others are talking about. Focus Tron celebrates the positive power of redirecting one’s focus and using specific social emotional learning strategies to maintain focus and attention—including the downloadable, printable Distracter Shield “to block” attention-grabbing items in the classroom or at home and keep the Unthinkable® Brain Eater at bay. Focus Tron is the follow-up companion to Superflex® takes on Brain Eater and the Team of Unthinkables (which should be read first). Get the book as part of the bundle, or separately for full price.

Superflex Takes On One-Sided Sid, Un-Wonderer and the Team of Unthinkables

Teach how two imaginary UnthinkaBots/Unthinkables team up to get into social brains everywhere to make people talk only about themselves (One-Sided Sid) and avoid asking others socially based questions (Un-Wonderer). Learn about superflexible strategies to manage these two characters. Get the book as part of the bundle, or separately for full price.

Superflex Super Sticker Collection: Thinkables & UnthinkaBots
New important changes, additions, and updates!

Who doesn’t love a sticker? Our students and clients have been asking for these for years, so we finally developed over 500 colorful stickers showing the Team of UnthinkaBots (formerly Unthinkables), the Team of Thinkables, and the idea that “Superflex is Me!” Perfect for use at home, at school, in the clinic, or on the go, these stickers complement Superflex Curriculum Package as a great way to encourage a metacognitive focus and promote self-awareness of kids’ own proactive Thinkable powers or strategies, as well as the powers of their imaginary UnthinkaBots. (Read more in our free article.) Buy the stickers as part of the bundle, or separately for full price.

What’s new?

  • The term UnthinkaBots replaces the term Unthinkables (It’s OK if your students struggle to flexibly change to the new name. Unthinkables are UnthinkaBots, so be patient if students get stuck.
  • Three new names: Mean Bean (was Mean Gene/Jean), Me-Gull (was One-Sided Sid), Body Drifter (was Body Snatcher).
  • Blurt Out Blue is a new UnthinkaBot developed by a Neurodivergent student (replaces Grump Grumpaniny).

Superflex: My Hero Inside (Music CD)

Sing about the imaginary Unthinkables with 13 adorable Superflex songs. Kids light up listening to fun, catchy songs with educational lyrics about attending the Superflex Academy, being a Social Detective, living in Social Town, managing the Destroyer of Fun, discovering their “hero inside” and much more. Once students are introduced to the world of Superflex, the songs can be used at any time to promote ongoing social learning. Preview the music and download the lyrics.

Award-winning Social Detective & Superflex Series

Our award-winning Social Detective & Superflex series teaches social observation, social awareness, perspective taking, flexible thinking, and self-regulation. Click here to explore all our Social Detective & Superflex resources—why this social emotional learning series has sold more than 447,000 copies worldwide!


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