Expected & Unexpected Behavior Based on the Situation

#6 in Our Series of 10 Core Concepts

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Expected and Unexpected Behavior

The next five webinars in our 10 Concepts series build on the concepts of the previous five, and dive into more complex concepts that actively develop socially based executive functioning.

We all have expectations for one another and social expectations become more complex with age. Join Michelle Garcia Winner and explore the hidden expectations or unspoken rules that are a part of many social situations. Learn the Dos and DON’Ts for using the terms “expected behavior” and “unexpected behavior”. Note: The terms Expected and Unexpected behaviors do not mean the same as appropriate/inappropriate or good/bad (even if you’ve heard people use them in that way)! Empower students to figure out expected vs. unexpected behaviors based on building their awareness of situations, people, and social context—and by first identifying what they expect from others. Finally, discover which Social Thinking materials will help you teach this concept across different age groups.

After watching this webinar, infuse your teaching with the concept over the next month to help your students understand it deeply and meaningfully (avoid memorization). Then, tune in to the next webinar to learn how to build on this concept with best practices for teaching how to make a smart guess!

The 10 Concepts Webinar Series

This webinar is part of a series that shares best practices for teaching 10 core concepts from the Social Thinking Methodology. Strengthen your students’ social-emotional learning by infusing your teaching with these concepts over the course of the school year. Each concept should be taught slowly for one month or longer—it takes time for students to deeply understand the ideas and begin using them in their lives. We recommend learning about (and teaching) the concepts in order as they build on one another. View all the webinars in the 10 Concepts series within our larger webinar library.

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