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  • Ages: 4-7
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 4040
  • Published: 2016


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We Thinkers Storybooks are available digitally with an audio feature for accessibility — must be purchased separately as individual storybooks on Apple Books and Google Play (not printable). Curriculum not available digitally.

Download the Family Letters and At-Home Activities after purchasing the We Thinkers! All-in-One Bundle to introduce you to the series and support your child's learning at home.

Now for the first time in one great-value bundle! We Thinkers! is our premier social emotional learning series for helping social learners ages 4–7 develop foundational social competencies. These practice-proven, evidence-based materials are designed for both neurotypically developing children and those with social learning differences and/or challenges to strengthen social perspective taking, self-awareness, executive functioning, social problem solving, and so much more.

This comprehensive bundle includes both of our award-winning volumes, We Thinkers! Volume 1 Social Explorers, We Thinkers! Volume 2: Social Problem Solvers, their 10 corresponding storybooks that introduce our Core Social Thinking® Vocabulary and concepts, explicitly taught through two different curricula that provide unit-by-unit detailed lessons. Also, within this bundle is the groundbreaking We Thinkers! GPS, which includes our Group Collaboration, Play and Problem Solving Scale (GPS), observation and scoring tools, and related differentiated play activities. We Thinkers! series is loved worldwide by kids, parents, and professionals alike—and learning improves when these tools can be shared across environments by teachers, clinicians, and parents. The Incredible Flexible You® music is sold separately. Each of these volumes can be purchased separately, too.

Get tips for teaching the series in our free webinar How to Use Social Thinking Materials to Teach Ages 4–7!

Your comprehensive We Thinkers! Bundle includes:

Ten Engaging Storybooks

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We Thinkers Storybooks are available digitally with an audio feature for accessibility — must be purchased separately as individual storybooks on Apple Books and Google Play (not printable). Curriculum not available digitally.

We Thinkers Vol. 1 Storybook SetJoin Evan, Molly, Jesse and Ellie on their adventures to familiar and far-off places (like outer space!) where they explore important social concepts through their thoughts and interactions. Each of the colorfully-illustrated storybooks from Volume 1 introduces kids to a different concept in an engaging way, to be followed by lessons and activities from the Social Explorers Curriculum (described below). The storybooks support the curriculum and are not stand-alone teaching tools. Extra sets sold separately below. The Volume 1 storybook titles reflect the concepts they teach:

  • Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings (Classroom Adventure)
  • The Group Plan (Adventure on the Farm)
  • Thinking with Your Eyes (Adventure in Space)
  • Body in the Group (Ocean Adventure)
  • Whole Body Listening or Listening with Brain and Body (Zoo Adventure)

We Thinkers Volume 2 Storybook SetColorful illustrations and playful storybook adventures raise curiosity and imagination and engage children in learning five new Social Thinking concepts. Because the concepts are more complex in Volume 2, the authors provide suggestions and page references for teaching the storybooks in segments and include assessment questions to assure understanding of each concept before moving to the next. Each storybook has an introduction for teachers and parents about the highlighted Social Thinking concept and how to use the book. (Note: Professionals should use the storybooks and the curriculum together; the storybooks are not stand-alone teaching tools.) Follow along as our four adventuring characters explore new social situations:

  • Hidden Rules and Expected and Unexpected Behaviors (Pirate Adventure)
  • Smart Guess (Mystery Adventure)
  • Flexible and Stuck Thinking (Ice Cream Shop Adventure)
  • Size of the Problem (Dinosaur Birthday Party)
  • Sharing an Imagination (Park Adventure)

Extra print sets sold separately below.

WTV1 Curriculum Book
Comprehensive Curriculum

WTV1 Curriculum BookThe Social Explorers Curriculum is packed with teaching material that links with the five storybooks to foster social-emotional learning and the development of social competencies in young children. Detailed instructional lessons—complete with Teaching Moment specifics, motivating structured activities, educational plan goals, and learn-at-home family letters—give educators, clinicians, counselors, and parents a substantial teaching package to use for years to come. We recommend teaching the curriculum and storybooks slowly. Our therapists spend one month on each concept to allow the children to deeply understand the concepts and apply them on a day-to-day basis.

WTV2 Curriculum Book
Comprehensive Curriculum

WTV2 Curriculum  Peek Inside 06We Thinkers! Volume 2 Social Problem Solvers harnesses the familiar structure of the curriculum units in Volume 1 to support discussion of social concepts, Teaching Moment guidelines, and structured teaching activities that give kids the practice they need. The book opens with a review of the evidence behind the curriculum and discusses social executive functioning, self-regulation, social problem solving, and the skill-building significance of play. The authors also include rubrics for assessing how children are learning the concepts, ideas for goal writing, links to educational standards, and family letters to send home to parents and caregivers.

Group Collaboration, Play and Problem Solving Scale and Tools

WTV2 GPS Peek Inside 04The Social Thinking concepts and skills in Volume 2 aren’t meant to be taught in exactly the same way to every child. Young children play and socially engage with different levels of perspective taking, social awareness, and social problem-solving abilities. Introducing our groundbreaking Group Collaboration, Play and Problem Solving (GPS) framework to teach adults how to differentiate instruction and treatment plans as they work through our We Thinkers series.

GPS leverages the latest research to show how interactive play builds a lifelong foundation for learning and provides a wealth of new GPS tools that help educators widen their perspective and teach children how to take the social competencies they learn through the storybooks and curriculum units and map them to broader classroom, playground, home, and community interactions. The book introduces our five-level GPS Play Scale and its related observation tools and forms. By identifying a child’s baseline play level, professionals and parents can create tailored interactive play lessons. The second half of the book offers social activities for each play level across each of the five Social Thinking concepts covered in Volume 2. This is where parents and professionals help play truly come alive for kids as they learn to negotiate the more complex social concepts included in the curriculum! Also sold separately.

Extra Storybooks Sets Available for the Classroom & Home

In professional settings, this Extra Storybook Set is meant to accompany the We Thinkers! Volume 1 Social Explorers Package and We Thinkers! Volume 2 Social Problem Solvers Package. It does not contain teaching materials and is NOT intended to be used as a stand-alone teaching tool. All teaching materials are presented in the We Thinkers! Volume 1 Curriculum and We Thinkers! Volume 2 Social Problem Solvers Package.

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We Thinkers Storybooks are available digitally with an audio feature for accessibility — must be purchased separately as individual storybooks on Apple Books and Google Play (not printable). Curriculum not available digitally.

We Thinkers! Volume 1 Extra Storybook Set

Many teachers and parents have requested additional copies of the storybooks included in the We Thinkers! Volume 1 Package above to better support their children. This Extra Storybook Set is perfect for teachers who want multiple copies of each book for their class, and for parents/caregivers to reinforce learning at home and generalize the concepts. Note: In professional settings, these storybooks are to accompany the We Thinkers! Volume 1 Curriculum; they are not intended to be used as stand-alone teaching tools.
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